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Having never had a strong male presence in her life, Tinzley Bradford didn’t know what love looked and felt like for a long time.

For years, she settled for less than what she knew she deserved, and she just couldn’t move on from it.

That’s until she decided that enough was enough and that she would no longer settle for men that didn’t deserve her-a powerful, strong, and beautiful woman worthy of love!

On this week’s show, Tinzley and I discuss the signs that you’re settling for a man that doesn’t deserve you.

Do you ever feel as though the man that you’re in a relationship with is constantly letting you down? Do you find yourself feeling upset day after day?

If so, then you’re settling. Real love won’t make you feel uncertain or unhappy-it will make you feel strong, wanted, and loved. Realize that a type of relationship that makes you feel this way isn’t healthy, and it’s time to rethink it.

Do you love hard? Do you constantly give, give, and give more love but find yourself receiving very little in comparison? Then you might be settling.

Relationships should never be one-sided. If you’re constantly letting him know that he’s missing the mark, then you need to reevaluate the balance of the relationship. It’s never fair to give way more than you receive, and while the relationship doesn’t need to be completely equal all the time, you should never feel as though you’re constantly longing for more love and attention. Relationships are 50/50-don’t pick up the slack all the time.

In life, it’s important to have goals. You’re a rock star woman-you have dreams and goals, and you’re doing all that you can to achieve them and make them a reality.

But if you’re partner is belittling those dreams, fine with mediocrity, and is constantly working against you, then he’s not the right man for you. You should always feel supported by your man in everything that you do, and if he’s constantly putting you and you’re dreams down, then you’re definitely settling for less than you deserve. Don’t allow the relationship to get to the point that he holds you back and makes you resent him.

What do you think about Tinzley’s tips? In the comments below, leave us your thoughts!

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Dating advice for women over 40. Dating advice for women over 50.

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